PS4’s 8 GB RAM Is a Blessing For Game Developers

PS4’s 8 GB RAM Is a Blessing For Game Developers

PS4 is going to feature a whopping 8 GB of RAM!

While this is good news for consumers, developers are pleased with the memory increase as well.

Christophe Carrier, from Arkane Studios, said while having a conversation with that he was pleased that Sony decided to include 8 GB of RAM in the upcoming console, which is 16 times more than the RAM of PS3.

He mentioned PC games were their love in the beginning, but the company had to start making games for consoles. The processors were good, but the main issue faced on consoles was the memory, which is one of the most important requirements for the games they develop.

PS4 will feature an AMB x86-based processor and the memory increase will take the quality of the games to a whole new level, increasing the scope for the whole game development industry.

Arkane Studios is famous for its Dishonored title, and the sequel is highly expected for the next-generation consoles.

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Consumer Expert Adeel Qayum

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