Sony’s PlayStation Network went down April 20th. Last week, Sony expected to have phase 1 of the restoration up and running, but when the time came, online gaming did not go live.

Sony says it discovered a breach of their servers just before launch. According to Sony, it will take a few more days to get the online gaming up. According a source at Eurogamer, the site should be partially running this week.

Some gamers, though, aren’t so sure. According to the PlayStation blog post from yesterday, the site will be down a few more days, and no one can give an exact date as to when it will be up, even partially.

In the mean time, game developers are starting to feel the pinch financially. Several developers who rely on the income generated from the PlayStation Network are speaking out in frustration. Capcom Unity Senior Vice President Christian Svensson says that Capcom has lost hundreds of thousands because of the outage and fears that the loss of revenue will affect developing titles.

Dylan Cuthbert of Q-Games says that his studio has also suffered serious revenue losses. Sony has not said anything more to the developers than they have to the general public. Cuthbert says he has the feeling that Sony is considering ways to compensate developers in order to keep from losing them. Sony, however, has not made any statement to that effect.