Psst… Wanna Buy A PS4 Or Xbox 720? Survey Says: “NO”

Xbox 720 and PS4 are due to be released this year.

How well are they going to sell?

A new report published by NDP, and summarized on IBT, states that only 29% of core gamers (the people who are loyal console gaming fans), are interested in buying a next-generation console soon after they become available.

The survey was conducted back in January.

Among the 6,000 people who were part of the survey, only 887 were termed as ‘core gamers’, based on the time they spent playing games (minimum 5 hours a week).

The survey found that 42% of core gamers stated explicitly that they have no plans to make a purchase upon the initial release of the consoles.

The survey did identify three groups as being interested in making a purchase when the consoles are released: those who currently own a console and play games on it, gamers who are between 25 and 44 in age, and those who spend 15 hours or more playing games each week.

No lines, no waiting, for an Xbox 720 or PS4 when they launch?

That’s hard to imagine.

Do you plan on buying one when they first come out?

Add your why… or why not… below!

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