As extreme couponing heats up everywhere, Publix stores are working at potential changes to their coupon policy that may leave shoppers upset.

Until now, Publix was known in the frugal world for being among the most lenient and relaxed coupon policies of the many grocers. They accepted not only their own coupons and those from manufacturers, they also accepted any coupons from competitors. This meant that customers could use coupons from Walgreens, Target, CVS and other stores at their local Publix.

This allowed customers the ability to combine coupons together and save a substantial amount of money. They would be able to use a mixture of coupons from various sources to receive the best deals on the products they would buy. This left those who worked hard at it able to buy hundreds of dollars in groceries for mere dollars. The more extreme couponers, as evidenced on the TLC show ‘Extreme Couponing’, were able to turn those few dollars in thousands of dollars worth of items.

Publix has decided that they need to redesign their coupon policy, though that have yet to state what the new policy will entail. Instead they said they were “in the process of finalizing a companywide policy” and that it takes time to do so and get the information to stores.

The news set the couponing blog world on fire and many bloggers have already begun researching their local stores to see if any changes have been made. Ashley Nuzzo from FrugalCouponLiving says her local store now mandates that competitor coupons can only come from stores within a five mile radius that have a meat, deli and bakery department. Coupon Counselor found the same thing locally with no more acceptance of drug store, discount store or dollar store coupons.