Rainbow Six Siege has made the controversial decision to do away with respawns in multiplayer – and they have a pretty sound reason for doing so.

The developers, Ubisoft Montreal, has released a lengthy post regarding this decision on the Rainbow Six Siege website.

Here are some of the most notable comments made by the devs on the article:

“When designing the game, we found that above all else, the No Respawn rule touched the three main pillars of what we want in this game: teamwork, tactics, and tension.”

“When you’re not allowed to respawn during a match, twitch reflexes aren’t the only skills that keep you alive. Teamwork, map awareness, planning, adaptability, communication, and leadership become just as important to win. ”

“To be completely straightforward, the game became a lot more stressful… It went from everyone leaning back in their chairs trash-talking, to being on the edge of their seats carefully coordinating tactics.”

One of the biggest problems with the no-respawn rule, however, is that ‘dead’ players were left with nothing to do for long stretches of time.

Ubisoft Montreal, however, has an answer to this.

“They (downed players) are able to use limited visibility tools, like the drone and security cameras, or survey from a chopper above the operation zone to keep their team informed of the enemy’s movements.”

“From what we’ve shown so far, matches are short, precise operations.”

“Even if you die at the outset, you won’t be out of action for more than three minutes at a time.”

You can read the full release on the Rainbow Six Siege website.

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