As the world takes notice of the random mass animal deaths occurring around the globe, Google Maps steps up to help provide information to the people.

The internet giant Google now has a map on their popular Google Maps site of where each round of deaths has occurred. A user will see the blue balloons that are synonymous with Google Maps at each location that has witnessed a mass animal death in recent days. If the user clicks on one of the balloons they will be offered a link to a news story related to that particular event.

Users will find 30 balloons on the Google Maps page so far. The majority of the deaths have occurred in the U.S. and Europe. They include such animals as the 5,000 blackbirds that fell from the sky in Arkansas, 300 doves that died randomly in Italy and even 70 bats in Arizona.

While the map does not cure the conspiracy theories that are rampant among people regarding the strange occurrences, it does help those curious to keep track of where they are happening and give them access to current news regarding the events.