Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap – Giant Pigs & Fights at Parties

Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap – Giant Pigs & Fights at Parties

I spent the first fifteen minutes of this episode with a blank document on my computer screen.

Stuff happened of course, but it wasn’t interesting enough to recap to you guys.

I’ll sum up:  Theresa and her husband freak out about their daughter Gia turning 12 and dating boys, Caroline tries to convince Joey to make up with Theresa, Kathy’s teenage son took his dad’s Ferrari out without permission, and Jacqueline buys a Michael Jackson chamber for her autistic son to sleep in.  That took fifteen minutes you guys, it was riveting.

Theresa and Joey’s dad ends up in the hospital with pneumonia.  On the ride to visit him, Theresa’s husband comforts her by saying, “One of these days, he’s not coming out.”  When that makes her start to cry, he tells her, “That’s life.”  Touching.

They filmed a large chunk of this episode in the same gym; constantly zooming in on the name.  Completely staged, but it was worth it to watch Kathy try to do cardio.

The best part of the episode is Caroline driving up to her house to find her sister feeding a giant pig in her front yard.  Her son sums up the craziness of this show perfectly with his reaction, “The fact that I’m not surprised is the scariest part of all of this.”

Theresa’s daughter Gia is having a big birthday party and she reaches out and invites her estranged brother, Joey.  He refuses to go though Melissa agrees to go and take their daughter which is nice, but kind of a recipe for disaster.

Time for the party!  It’s super awkward of course and Kim D, (the cast member friend who looks like the crypt keeper), starts drama with Melissa right away.  After Kim D’s poking, Melissa and Theresa get in a shouting match about when Melissa visited Theresa’s father in the hospital.  Because, that’s worth shouting about at a child’s birthday party right?  This argument did serve for another of Theresa’s patented words – “interrogizing.”  Love it.

Melissa storms out of the party while Gia blows out the candles on her cake and Melissa’s kids wail, “Mommy I want cake.”

Next week get ready for a lot of crap talking and more silly scenes at the gym including Theresa throwing water on her brother and storming out.

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