Real Housewives Of Orange County – The Bachelorette Party Continues!

Real Housewives Of Orange County – The Bachelorette Party Continues!

Where we left off with Real Housewives of OC last week, the girls minus Alexis are in Mexico  for Tamara’s bachelorette party.

Vicki, Tamara, and Lydia ditched Heather and Gretchen to go get hammered at a bar while Gretchen and Heather pout in the limo outside the restaurant.

The drunk girls arrive back at the hotel at 2:00 a.m. and attempt to drunkenly “apologize” to Heather and Gretchen, but Gretchen reacts with anger and f-bombs.  Heather, like always, takes the classy road and explains herself f-bomb free, making the drunk girls feel even worse.

If you think I’m overplaying how drunk they were, Vicki actually, unbeknownst to herself, peed on Tamara’s bed that night and then walked off to her room with a big wet spot on her butt. So yeah guys, they were pretty drunk.

The next day they, in pure Real Housewives fashion, brush everything under the rug rather than talking it out.  They go on a tour of the town and to a bull fighting ring – you know, normal bachelorette activities.  The fight over the drunk girls ditching them erupts again in the limo causing Gretchen to break into tears.  Have I mentioned yet that the tour guide is in the limo with them this whole time?  Poor guy, I hope they tipped him well.

When they get back to the hotel, they all put on new faces of makeup, giant high heels, and tiny bikinis to drink by the pool.  And guess what?  They fight again and Gretchen storms off.  Tamara chases after her and their conversation gets way too drunk-deep bringing Tamara to tears.  Best bachelorette party ever right?!

Vicki freaks out that Tamara and Gretchen are having a moment and Lydia tries desperately to talk some reason into her, but Vicki is not having it. Watching someone try to be reasonable on one of these shows is quite possibly my favorite thing ever.  They aren’t buying what you’re selling, sane people, keep moving!

Meanwhile, Alexis gets her one scene of the episode; going on a dinner date with her husband.  They talk about romantic subjects such as how they’re going to outgrow their 6,000 square foot house and Alexis’ eggs shriveling up if she gets any older.

The girls meet for dinner and drinks and are all actually getting along while opening dirty presents and taking shots.  And now to the most awkward part of the episode – the male strippers.  Lydia gracefully retires to her bedroom for fear of “seeing another man’s junk”, Vicki, Gretchen, and Tamara get disgusting lap dances, and Heather sits back making the best horrified face I’ve ever seen on this show.

Next week, Alexis and Heather have a showdown and Vicki’s estranged boyfriend crashes a party.  See you guys then!

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