Real MyPillow Review, Unboxing, What’s Inside & How Is It ‘Official’?

The sales pitch for the MyPillow pillow is powerful.

It’s advertised as being “the most comfortable pillow you will ever own”.

It’s pushed as “The Official Pillow of the National Sleep Foundation”.

And the testimonials are persuasive.

But does the MyPillow pillow really stand up to their claims? Let’s find out.

The MyPillow is a pricey pillow. The standard/queen version costs $99.97 at, though they have a 2 for the price of 1 “special” right now. That special has been going on for at least the past year.

They sell single standard/queen size pillows on for $59.95, so that’s where I ordered it for this review.

When I received the MyPillow in the mail, it was very compressed (see the unboxing in the video below). Watching it fluff up from the size of a roll of paper towels to a full size pillow was fun.

But that’s where the fun ended.

As I slept on it, disappointment crept in.

It started out ok early in the evening. But as the night progressed, it provided little support. I thought supporting my head and neck was something the MyPillow would really excel in. That it would hold it’s shape. It didn’t.

After sleeping on it through four nights, I gave it up. It was too flat where my head rested, but fluffy everywhere else. I sleep primarily on my side, and the MyPillow pillow, at the recommended firmness level, offered at best an average pillow experience.

If it’s not that great of a pillow, how did it become “The Official Pillow of the National Sleep Foundation”?

Well, I looked into that. There’s more info in the video on this, but I asked the National Sleep Foundation what testing they did to qualify the MyPillow as the official pillow, and if there was any financial incentive involved with them naming it the official pillow.

After pushing them on this issue several times, they responded:

The National Sleep Foundation is able to further its mission of sleep education through its public education program and work with licensed products. The National Sleep Foundation works with licensed partners and their products in distributing our healthy sleep message. These products bear the “official” designation of the National Sleep Foundation and communicate a commitment to healthy sleep. Our goal is to help consumers create healthy, comfortable sleep environments while educating them on the importance of sleep and how to get it.   We are not at liberty to discuss all of the qualifiers and conditions, but the National Sleep Foundation seeks only the highest quality products.  The National Sleep Foundation then selects the best fit for the organization, subjecting the selected products to independent testing for quality and claims.

Hmm… “The National Sleep Foundation then selects the best fit for the organization…”. That says volumes right there.

I’ve read that some MyPillow buyers have received a National Sleep Foundation phamplet with their MyPillow. There was not one included with the MyPillow I ordered from Amazon, but the pamphlet distribution might be at least part of the agreement that makes the MyPillow “official”.

After trying out the MyPillow, I took a razor to it to check out just what it was made of on the inside – be sure to check out the video for that!

In the process of doing this MyPillow review, I tried out several other pillow brands so I could compare them. I actually found one pillow that stood out above the others. I’ll have more on that next week. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you get an update on that. I’ll also have a link to it here once it’s published.

Your turn now. I want to hear from you!

What do you think of the MyPillow commercials?

If you’ve tried it out, what did you think of it?

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