real racing 3 feb 28EA recently announced the release date for Real Racing 3; February 28.

The announcement was made as the famous actor Donald Faison visited the EA mobile LA offices. He was given the game to play and afterwards he gave his opinion.

His reaction was positive, which indicates gamers have something exciting to look forward to.

The game happens to boast the very best graphics of smartphone games and they even challenge the textures of console titles!

Real Racing 3 boasts more than 45 different real cars to drive and tracks from all over the world, making it an irresistible title.

In addition, the game will also have a multiplayer timeshift mode which allows the player to compete with friends even when they’re not present. The player is supposed to beat their friend’s best times but instead of showing a phantom car like other games, this title provides a real interactive car.

Real Racing 3 will be available on iOS, Android and Amazon App Store as a free download on the day of release.

Are you excited about Real Racing 3? Feel free to leave your thoughts.