Reboot to 90’s Classic “Reboot”

The classic 90’s Saturday morning animated show, “Reboot,” will see a revival in the coming months.

Known as “Reboot: The Guardian Code,” the story will take place in the same digital world as its predecessor. A new main cast has been identified, being lead by teenage characters. The show is being produced by Rainmaker Entertainment, the same studio responsible for the source material that debuted in 1994, ending its run at the turn of the century in 2001. Among that period of time, four seasons were produced.

An ominous tagline has also been introduced: “The Internet revolutionized the world, but it also left it vulnerable to attack.”

The original series centered on the characters Bob, Dot, and Enzo; people living in a digital world. Every week, they fended off evil forces and protected their environment from an even greater threat in the form of game cubes that came from the outside world. Bob and his friends would “reboot” themselves, becoming game characters to defeat the user of the loaded game. The show’s reputation grew rapidly as being the first television show to use computer generated animations from start to finish.

A premiere date for “Reboot: The Guardian Code” has yet to be announced.

Was “Reboot” one of your favorite shows growing up? If not, what was? As always, let us know in the comments below.

Consumer Expert Scott Wilkins

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