The amount of trees in the US is at a record high number. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), the number of trees in the US have grown by 380 percent in a mere century. Contrary to the belief that trees are an endangered plant species, US harvesting is lagging well behind the amount of growth.

The Lumberjack World Championship would have a field day with our life-sustaining oxygen providers. Trees are a precious resource, taking all that carbon dioxide, and providing humanity with clean air to breathe. The forests have expanded in great numbers, especially in the Eastern US.

While record tree numbers fall in the rain forests, the numbers dramatically climb higher in the US. The record number of trees currently growing in the US is sure to continue to help clean our heavily polluted air.

With the highest amount of trees per acre in history continuing to climb, according to the FAO, US preservation has apparently worked well. From an obvious economic standpoint, the lumber industry will not be short of full forests in 2011.