has become well known for their dining certificate deals, and the deal they have ending today is among one of their most popular.

Shoppers often visit to purchase certificates for dining at their favorites restaurants. Generally a $25 dining certificate will cost the shopper $10. This savings of over 50% makes the site quite popular as a way to eat out frugally or even a nice gift for someone else.

In their most recent deal, is offering those same $25 dining certificates for $3.  In addition to this savings,  diners will find that once they make the purchase they are given an additional $10 dining eGift card. This amounts to a total of $35 in dining certificates for the cost of $3.

Whether a user is buying the certificate for themselves or for another person, this deal proves to be one that many cannot pass up.

To receive the $35 worth of certificates for $3, simply visit the site and use the code ENJOY when checking out.  The code is not valid after Monday January 24, 2011.