Everyone enjoys a good meal out, but those meals can get expensive without a good restaurant discount.  Being able to save money when dining out is one way that people are able to enjoy it.

Restaurant.com is a website that provides discounts on those meals out at your favorite restaurant. Any time of the year diners can purchase a certificate through the website and use it at any chosen establishment from the selection. Often consumers are able to save 50 percent or more on the cost of their meals.

The website also offers a Dinner of the Month club. For a reduced fee, diners can join and receive a $25 certificate each month for a meal out.

Occasionally Restaurant.com beats their own specials, and right now they are doing just that. They are offering 80% off of their already low prices on these certificates, gift cards and the Dinner of the Month club. This means that a customer can get a certificate good for $25 worth of food through the website for only $2.

These certificates are often used as a way to balance the budget spent on dining out. They are also used as gifts.

Each certificate has its own special requirements. There is often a minimum amount that must be spent to use the certificate which is generally $35 on a $25 certificate. They also often add gratuity prior to the discount.

To get your 80% discount through Restaurant.com simply enter the code MEAL at checkout.