Star Wars: The Old Republic players will be getting a new expansion come this December – Shadow of Revan!

For anyone who was a fan of the Knights of the Old Republic series for Xbox and PC, knows exactly how important this is to the online game. Without spoilers, Revan was a hero turned dark Sith Lord from the first game, and mentioned many times in the second.

After a thousand years Knights of the Old Republic takes place, Revan returns, and players will have the opportunity to face the dark lord and his army.

While many would complain about wanting a third installment of Knights of the Old Republic, those that do participate in the online game have waited patiently for the character to return since the online game’s inception.

Now, come the The Old Republic’s third anniversary, Old Republic players will finally get what they asked for, as well as more content being included with the expansion including an increased level cap, and five story-driven missions that will continue the legacy of Revan and his followers.