Review | Is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Worth It?

Review | Is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Worth It?

When I first placed my hands on a copy of the newest installation from the Counter-Strike series, I was at first timid, not only for the change that was pending the finalization of the game’s installation process and what was to come, but I was nervous about the money I’d just spent on it.

A lot of people have been wondering since it’s release if Counter-Strike Global Offensive worth the small $15 investment and if it is, why?

I’ll start you right off immediately by saying this, if you have the extra $15 sitting around, the game is actually really fun, interactive with the player and keeps you entertained for hours on end.

This version of Counter Strike has a new matchmaking system incorporated into the engine which allows “Ranked” matches to occur whenever you feel like joining the queue.

I will admit, the game’s “Ranked” queue times are a little bit longer than anticipated, but it’s completely worth it if you’re looking for some five versus five serious gaming.

Another reason that you should get the game is because quite frankly, right now on the market, there isn’t a more heavily competitive gaming scene for any first person shooter.

The Counter Strike series has always been a leading product when it comes to competitive and tournament game play and this game just takes it one step further with the “Ranked” system.

It’s now much easier to determine a player’s skill level and recruit for your teams if you’re looking to start playing in online leagues and tournaments. It’s also one of the only first person shooters on the market with the capability of keeping a healthy player base dedicated to the competitive nature, whereas games like Team Fortress 2 have lost their professional atmosphere and are leaning more towards the “Casual Gamer” environment.

For roughly $15, you can have a guaranteed one time purchase of the best FPS on the market, competitively speaking.

If you’re looking for something with good graphics and a Hollywood movie plot line, you’ll be spending a lot more of your money than $15. Counter Strike Global Offensive’s nature is built completely around online gaming, it literally has no campaign mode and you only have the option of getting into a map and playing either humans or bots.

I really like the game for when I’m looking to compete against other people around the world and compare my skill to their skill in a face to face battle with guns.

Therefore, I think it’s only right to tell you the truth. 1, for those that want something that looks pretty and makes you stargaze at the graphics, this game isn’t for you. 2, for those that want something that’s fast paced, built entirely around online competition and makes you adjust every time you play it, this is a great game.

What do you think of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Leave your comments below!

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