A group of conservative lawmakers are considering state bills  they hope will eventually be challenged by Congress, thus leading to a debate on the 14th Amendment.

The intent is to force a discussion on the anchor baby issue that has become a hot button in Washington. During an interview with TPMMuckraker, the Leader of the State Legislation for Legal Immigration, Daryl Metcalfe,( R) Pennsylvania, said, “Ultimately, this is one step in the direction of moving our nation, and our states toward…applying the 14th Amendment correctly.”

There is already discussion about “marked” birth certificates for children who are born of illegal immigrant parents. This practice has earned the name of a “two- tiered birth certificate”. On a discussion with Neal Conan on NPR Radio about the birth certificate changes, Sen. Lindsay Graham stated the group was not after a two class system, but more legal control over the costs incurred by the states because illegal immigrants come to the U. S. to have babies solely for the monetary benefits. Under the 14th Amendment as it is interpreted today, those children are U. S. Citizens and have full rights to Social Security, Medicare, food stamps and other resources which are draining the state’s coffers even though their parents are illegal immigrants without green cards.

The group believes the forefathers responsible for the 14th Amendment, which was supposed to correct the issue of slavery, did not the have immigration problems of today. Those pushing the “anchor baby” debate argue that by gathering enough states together which pass their own tough immigration laws, Congress would have to step in. By doing so, a re-interpretation of the 14th Amendment is possible.  Disagreeing with their views, U. S. program director Alison Parker said, “Equal protection under the law is a cornerstone of U.S. and International law. States should reject this proposal as abborent to U. S. values.”

According to Kold News 13 of Arizona, two Senators will attempt to push a bill on this issue through early in the legislative session.  Their bill  would deny citizenship to any child born of illegal immigrants.  Sen. Ron Gould and Sen. Russell Pearce, both of Arizona, are gathering support for a smooth pass through the process.  The same bill will be sent to the Arizona House of Representatives.