Pretty Little Liars star, Lucy Hale, released her debut country album, Road Between, to great fanfare yesterday.

The Memphis native has spent the past few years working tirelessly, not only to make this album, but to make her mark on country music without being intrusive.

Her warm voice and subtle accent drips over every track, heightening the emotion with hushed whispers and confident belts, making for a truly diverse vocal sound that proves she’s a singer first and foremost.

The album itself possess beautifully produced tracks (thanks to the incredible talent Mike Daly), plenty of light banjo and guitar picking are litter through the instrumentation, and the lyrical stories are absolutely in place.

With writing from the likes of Kacey Musgraves and country music hitmaker Hillary Lindsey it would be impossible not to find a track you enjoy. While the album verges on a strong pop/country vibe, with lush choruses full with walls of background vocals and hooks that become instantly head turning, it possesses all the fun of a light-country summer album.

However, you won’t find heavy twang or bluegrass inspired sounds here, but you’ll definitely find tracks that are perfect for hot days by the pool.

The duet with Joe Nichols, Red Dress is fun and memorable, while Goodbye Gone blasts off with a foot stomping beat that gets you moving, and the sweet Kiss Me reminds you of the one you can never really let go.

While Lucy shines on uptempos, where she allows her voice to capture the energy and essence, there are definitely moments where she could use a little more grit. She’s polished and clean, each word pronounced exactly the way a vocalist is taught from the beginning of their education, and while that’s perfect in theory country music demands dirt.

Overall, the album has fun tracks that will keep you dancing into the summer, and a few wistful ballads that girls across the world will definitely relate to.

I can’t wait to see where Lucy grows from here, being that this is her first album, I can only see her getting better.

 Road Between is available now at all major online retailers as well as a Deluxe Edition at Target.

What do you think of Road Between?

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