A woman falls in a fountain while texting. Security tapes from the mall where the fountain is located catch the incident on video. The video, with a soundtrack of mall staff laughing at the women, hit the internet.

Worldwide ridicule ensues.

From web forums to national news casts, Cathy Cruz Marrero, the woman who fell into the fountain, has been the target of jokes, name calling, scorn, and some have even wished for her death.

On ‘America Live With Megyn Kelly’, a Fox News show, Megyn Kelly and her panel, Kimberly Guilfoyle and Jonna Spilbor, repeatedly laughed and ridiculed Marrero. Guilfoyle called Marrero a “Dum Dum”, and saying she can’t “walk, talk, text, chew gum, none of ’em”.

“What kind of brain damaged situation does she have?” asked Guilfoyle to peels of laughter. Kelly ends the segment by saying that if Marrero brings a lawsuit against the mall, she hopes the judge “sanctions her for being even dumber than we think.”

Marrero is also under heavy verbal attack on YouTube. Statements such as “this b**** is dumb”, “you stupid b****!!”, ” I HOPE SHE DIES”, and “Worst human on Earth” liter the comments sections of videos of the fall into the fountain.

In 2002, a Canadian student swinging a  golf ball retriever around like a Star War’s light saber was similarly ridiculed, though perhaps not quite as viciously. The following year the students that released the video were sued for $250,000 (CA) according to Wikipedia. The lawsuit stated that  the student “will be under psychiatric care for an indefinite amount of time.” The case was settled out of court.