There are a lot of rumors going on at the moment that link John Edwards and Rielle Hunter. The rumors claim that the two are engaged, according to sources that talked with ABC news.

Alan Duncan, Hunter’s attorney, claimed that he did not believe that the rumors are true in an interview given to ABC News.

We also have another undisclosed source that is close to the couple that claims that there was no engagement.

John Edwards declined to comment initially but in the end declared through a spokeswoman that the claim was not true for Daily Beast.

Rielle Hunter is no stranger and is close to John Edwards. The two have a 2 years old daughter, Quinn. In the beginning Edwards denied that he had an affair with Rielle and eventually admitted that the indiscretion happened.

This is not at all the first time that we hear of rumors that claim the two want to get married. It also happened last year and nothing happened till now.