Rihanna Revisits 20th Birthday With Chris, Drake Fight Over?

Rihanna Revisits 20th Birthday With Chris, Drake Fight Over?

The relationship between Chris Brown and Rihanna has taken another twist. British newspaper The Sun reports Drake was the reason for Chris and Rihanna’s fight at the Grammys.

They almost haven’t exchanged words since Grammys night and have gone their own ways.

Chris caught Rihanna texting Drake, and that was the moment where things went bad, according to the report.

The couple wasn’t in the best of moods when they left the star-studded event. Last week at Los Angeles’ Playhouse nightclub, they sat at opposite ends and didn’t acknowledge each other.

Rihanna refused to sit close to her boyfriend, who is still on trial for assaulting her four years ago, even though both confirmed last month they’re officially back together.

Last summer, Chris offered Drake a bottle of champagne at an NYC club, but got it back with a note from Drake saying he’s in love with Chris’s life (Rihanna), which led to a huge fight between the two, leaving a French model and other bystanders hurt in the process.

The Sun concludes Drake is back in game with Rihanna, which is the reason for her split with Brown.

However, this tweet from Rihanna hints things are getting better between the two.

P.S: Today is Rihanna’s birthday.

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