Risen Review: Interesting, Good, But Not Great

Risen had great potential.

I mean, have you seen the trailer and previews?

There are armies. Romans. Jews. A leadership crisis. Jesus. The crucifixion. A “missing” body. A mystery. An investigation. The Resurrection.

Regardless of your beliefs, this is one of the most powerful and epic stories of all time. It has moved billions of people throughout history to become Christians.

IF you are going to tell this story on the big screen, it better be POWERFUL, MOVING and EPIC.

But Risen falls flat.

It’s no where near epic. At times it’s even boring.

I make it a habit, when doing movie reviews, to ask random strangers what they thought of the movie as I leave the theater.

All three that I interviewed have the same initial response.

“It was good.”

“Good” is damning praise for a movie that should be incredible…

No one I spoke to thought the movie was great.

They all said, and I would agree, that it was ‘interesting’.

All three also mentioned that the movie looked at the Resurrection from a different perspective.

One seemed somewhat confused about the main character of the film, saying that not enough people really know about Clavius’ story. Clavius is a – fictional – character in Risen that investigates the “disappearance” of Jesus’ body.

So, besides a little confusion caused by artistic license… what went wrong?

This epic story of biblical proportions is told very dryly.

Despite the brutal violence (a small portion which is shown), despite decent acting, despite the scenery and filming… it just never grabs you. It never really gets going. There’s no tension. No real connection with the characters. There’s no emotional connection with the movie. It’s just there.

Risen comes across more like a film you would see in Sunday school. Only… I think some of the films shown in modern day Sunday schools are probably much more moving. Risen doesn’t come across as the block-buster big-screen movie experience it’s promoted as being.

Risen is good. It’s interesting. But it could have been so much more.

What are your thoughts on Risen?

Be sure to post your comments below and share this story with your family, friends and followers. They’ll appreciate the heads up on what Risen is like!

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