Tonight (August 3) the Milwaukee Brewers won against their rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals 10-5. The teams will play each other nine more times this season, six of which will take place in St. Louis.

This three-game series was intense and featured a daily taste of controversy.

First up we have the “ribbon board” conspiracy. The Cardinals claimed that the Miller Park ribbon board was lit brightly when the Brewers were at bat, but then dimmed when St. Louis took the plate. The Cardinals made this charge in a complaint to the umpiring crew, the umpiring crew then reported it to Major League Baseball. This conspiracy was looked into it and it was found that there was absolutely no proof to this claim whatsoever.

In last night’s game when the scored was tied (two on, and no outs in the seventh), Milwaukee pitcher Takashi Saito hit Albert Pujols’ left hand, which just so happened to be very close to where Pujols’ had a previous injury.

Ryan Braun led off the next half inning and the 1-0 pitch from reliever Jason Motte was far inside. The next pitch from Motte hit Braun in the upper back.

Tonight, the manager of the Cardinals La Russa criticized comments made by the Brewers’ television broadcasters regarding the incident. Immediately after Motte’s second inside fastball hit Braun, Bill Schroeder, the analyst on Milwaukee’s telecasts, said, “That’s about as bush league as it gets. As bush league as it gets. There was no intent in trying to hit Pujols.”

That’s not all! Yadier Molina of the Cardinals had to be restrained by a teammate after umpire Rob Drake ejected him in the 10th inning on Tuesday. Footage of this confrontation can be found in the media player below.