GTA Online logoRockstar Games has announced ten new GTA Online jobs crafted by the game’s most dedicated players.

First up are two races called “Around The Mirror” and “Windy Hills.” The first of which takes a series of your favorite cars on a cruise by Mirror Park, and the second is a motorbike trial near the RON Alternates Wind Farm.

These races are also joined by “Coupe D’état,” “Farm Fresh,””Power Hour” and “Dessert Test Truck 4×4.”

Some of these tracks will take you on quiet rides through the country, while others traverse winding roads that offer plenty of opportunities for vehicle destruction.

As far as endurance challenges are concerned, players can now try out “Refuel” and “Hospital Dash.”

“Hospital Dash” pits adventurous souls in the heat of emergency on the mile-long stretch from Burton to Los Santos County General. “Refuel” is a lot lengthier, considering it involves a high-octane push from Alamo Sea down to Mirror Park.

To round out the update, two new deathmatches at “Transformer Station” and “Hill Valley Cemetery” provide differing combat experiences for those looking to fight fire with fire.

Transformer involves waging war with limited resources, while the Cemetery match offers up all kids of cover and ammo to strategize with.

With so much to do in Grand Theft Auto Online, what will be your first job? Let me know in the comments section!