BlackBerry Z10 Rogers - Free Video Calling 12 monthsThe Nexus 4 has been stealing the show in Canada, with retailers WIND, Videotron and Fido offering the device on contract around $100.

However, consumers may be more interested in another handset after hearing this announcement.

The BlackBerry Z10, Blackberry’s latest offering, is now available in Canada on a special promotion from Rogers.

The carrier has announced anyone purchasing the handset would get 12 months of Video Calling through BlackBerry Messenger on Roger’s network for free.

For those who are unaware and still wondering when Video Calling arrived on BB Messenger, the company introduced both Video and Voice Calling on BlackBerry 10 OS.

According to Mobile Syrup, users can also use BB Messenger data on separate plans of $80 per month for 1 year, or $70 per month for 6 months.

Rogers is selling BlackBerry Z10 for $139.99. Consumers will have to sign a three-year contract with the carrier. The handset is available in Roger’s stores as well as the official website.

Would you prefer a Nexus 4 or BlackBerry Z10? Feel free to share your views.