When Goliath opened this summer at Six Flags Great America, it broke three world records: the tallest drop, steepest drop, and fastest speed for a wooden rollercoaster. And it does not stop there.

What makes wooden rollercoasters special is the fact that they look so unstable. Just watching one zoom around makes you nervous.

This keeps adrenaline seekers coming back to them, despite the fact that metal roller coasters are capable of doing much more than wooden ones.

The roller coaster named Goliath at Six Flags has been made with recent innovations that enable wooden coasters to approach the scale of their metal counterparts, increasing the thrill and the screams while riding. And the innovations are not about to stop anytime soon as companies like Rocky Mountain Construction keep working at it.

Goliath is 15 stories tall and its record breaking attributes contain a 180 foot drop, an 85 degree drop, and reaches speeds up to 72 miles per hour!

It also includes two upside-down maneuvers and three over-banked turns before the ride is over!

Excited to ride Goliath this summer?

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