Ryan Gosling, Next Batman?

Ryan Gosling, Next Batman?

There have been some strong rumors floating around the Hollywood Movie industry mill concerning who will be taking on the role as Batman in the upcoming films in the franchise.

Now that Christian Bale is pretty well out of the picture. He has announced he will be handing the role onto another actor, there has been a lot of talk about who will take on the act.

Now, here’s why Ryan Gosling looks to be one of the front runners for the race if Christian Bale is truly staying out of the Batman suit for good. The lover boy turned rebel since his making of the “The Notebook” is searching for something to boost him back on top.

We think Batman is the perfect move for his acting career and here’s why.

Ryan is an extremely potent actor and is seeking a revitalizing of his acting career. “Drive” and “Place Beyond the Pines” have proven to not be as successful as “The Notebook” was for his career.

That being said, Ryan is a great actor who can play almost any role to near perfection, he has demonstrated this in “Gangster Squad”.

It seems as though that it would only make sense for him to look for a film which is guaranteed to boost his career to the next level of stardom and truthfully, that film is none other than the Batman series; especially with the main actor calling it quits.

Gosling, who is known for his good looks and shady type characters like the vigilante he played in “Drive,” would be the perfect fit for the Batman suit. He possesses the muscular demand for the act and has proven to the film industry he can play the vigilante/shady character really well.

With Ryan Gosling going to the Batman franchise would the franchise itself benefit from him joining their ranks?

The answer is yes, the franchise would guarantee a rise in profits with all the fan girls that Gosling possesses right now and all the fan boys that the Batman movies have always possessed going to the theaters to see this wonder produce the best Batman we’ve came across.

Now, let’s analyze some things that put Ryan in an advantage over the other possible actors that could be pursuing the character.

Ryan is willing to fulfill a physical training schedule in order to sculpt his body the way that director wants it to look, something that a lot of guy actors will not abide to. Gosling has been around the acting industry longer than most of the actors who will be looking to land the role; he first appeared in a Disney kids television program.

Ryan is also Canadian, but little Americans know this and that could prove to be a significant advantage in the Canadian film industry when Ryan lands the role. Improving the box office sales in Canada for the movie, simply because the main actor is in fact Canadian. This would make Ryan Gosling the first Canadian actor to take on the role of Batman.

We know it’s a long shot to be making such prediction,s but one of the leading columnists for Hollywood has even written that Gosling stands an actually pretty decent chance at landing the role. However, Ryan Gosling isn’t known for taking on such demanding roles financially, he’s more or less the indie actor of our generation but, if he wants something to help him regain his “The Notebook” stardom, than Batman may turn out to be his only option. Unless he can drag Rachel McAdams out of bed for a sequel that is.

photo credit: Georges Biard