Sailor Moon Crystal Premieres Today on Hulu

The beloved anime show Sailor Moon had it’s reboot premiere today.

Fans of the show that have waited forever for either the show to be released on Blu-Ray (something that will happen to the older series later this year), or for it to just show up again, were rewarded with the first of a 26 episode run.

Buzz started earlier this year when pictures were leaked that showed the art work of the show. It resembles the manga a lot more than the anime that aired in the 90’s.

The series is confirmed to be less a remake of the old series and more a reboot which follows closer to the original manga that were released in 1992.

The shows are streaming worldwide, and will air on Saturdays in North America, streaming on, Neon Alley and Crunchy Roll, with subtitles available in various languages for those that don’t speak Japanese.

I checked out the first episode this morning, and can confirm that it is beautiful.

The story in episode one follows the manga almost exactly, but fans of the anime shouldn’t be fearful, since the anime it’s self followed the manga pretty well too (minus changes made so that it could be shown to a younger audience in North America of course).

Venture over to one of the sites and check it out for your self.

Are you a fan that’s excited for the new series? Are you unsure? Sound out below!

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