Saks 5th Avenue Expands Free Wi-Fi To All 44 Stores

Saks 5th Avenue Expands Free Wi-Fi To All 44 Stores

The Saks 5th Avenue Storefront, NYC

Saks 5thAvenue has partnered with AT&T to bring the company’s Wi-Fi to the clothing mogul’s 44 store locations. In-store Wi-Fi was previously available only at the Saks 5thAvenue in New York City, New York City.

According to the company, the popularity of the free in-store Wi-Fi network blossomed within the original store. They said they expanded the service in hopes of creating a more modern and streamlined shopping experience for their customers.

The retailer said that customers have made 1.5 million connections through the new in-store network from the time of its launch in November 2011. Daily, the store is seeing around 19,000 connections, helping their shoppers optimize their busy schedules while making style decisions to boot.  There was an  increase in Wi-Fi usage of over 30% during last year’s holiday season.

From a customer’s standpoint, the in-store network has an important tie-in with the improved Saks 5th Avenue App.A shopper can utilize the store’s app for viewing new clothing lines and looks. There’s a helpful fashion look book, a clothing and item wish-list that is shareable, and the store’s event calendar.

Perhaps Saks 5th Avenue will find itself becoming the next Starbucks, which also boasts free Wi-Fi to its customers.

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Consumer Expert Jerri Collins

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