Samsung Chromebook Preorder Info, Fastest Ship Date Revealed

Samsung Chromebook Preorder Info, Fastest Ship Date Revealed

Google’s new Chromebook is available for pre-ordering starting today.

But surprisingly, the shipping date is different at different stores… when listed at all.

The Samsung Chromebook is the newest in Google’s notebooks. It will cost $249. It’s thin and light, just 2.5lbs and 0.8 inches thick.

The Chromebook has an HD (1080p) screen, and comes with 100 gb storage on Google Drive for the first two years (something that would cost $120).

Here are the full specs:

• Display Size: 11.6-inches
• Display: 1366 x 768 resolution; 200 nit brightness
• Thickness: 0.8 in.
• Weight: 2.5 lbs.
• Battery life: over 6 hours
• Processor: Samsung Exynos 5 Dual
• Memory: 2GB
• Storage: 16GB SSD
• Ports: 1 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, combo headphone/mic jack, secure digital memory slot
• Keyboard: Full-size Chrome keyboard

This is Google putting it’s foot forward in hopes that the small price, user friendly, web based OS will be more appealing to average shoppers. Their tag line is “Chromebook: For Everyone.” Smart, considering that almost everyone can use the internet, while not everyone knows the ins and outs of having to set up a brand new computer.

The Samsung Chromebook is available for pre-ordering on, Best Buy, TigerDirect and Newegg.

But here’s the rub: Amazon and Best Buy don’t list a shipping date for preorders. It can be ordered, but no telling, so far, when it might be delivered.

TigerDirect lists a ship date of 10/22.  Newegg lists a shipping date of 10/31.

If you get one, will you get it from TigerDirect, or just trust that Amazon or BestBuy will get it to you in about the same amount of time? Leave your comments below!

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