Samsung Galaxy S2, Without Contract, Now At Walmart

Samsung Galaxy S2, Without Contract, Now At Walmart

T-Mobile and Wal-Mart have signed a deal that allows shoppers to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone without having to agree to an annual contract.

In order for a customer to put his hands on a deal, it is necessary to buy the Galaxy S2 for the price of $299 and subscribe to a monthly T-Mobile 4G plan. You have to agree for a subscription of $30 or more per month. For $30 T-Mobile offers an Internet access plan that is unlimited. The first 5 GB is delivered at a 4G speed. You also receive 100 free minutes and unlimited texting. After the 100 minutes are up, 10 cents will be charged per minute.

The biggest advantage of the deal is the fact that a shopper can cancel the service whenever they want. There are also other higher monthly plans that include more minutes.

As an alternative to T-Mobile plan above, shoppers can may opt for a Wal-Mart deal that sells the same Samsung Galaxy S2 through their Family Mobile service. This costs $45 monthly for the main line and $35 for every secondary phone line added. Just as with the previously presented plan, T-Mobile includes unlimited Internet access. The only difference is that the first 250 MB are offered through 3G.  The Family Mobile plan is available at Walmart stores and online at Walmart.

Does getting the S2 from Walmart interest you? Wishing it was a Samsung Galaxy S3 instead? Leave your comments below.

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