Samsung Galaxy S4 Reveal – Online Streaming Live – Awaiting Pre-Order Details

The big Samsung Galaxy S4 reveal is tonight at 7pm ET and the event will be streamed live from New York City.

There have been lots of rumors about the new smartphone. Predictably, some are calling it an iPhone killer (I don’t buy it). The rumors will be put to rest tonight.

We are looking forward to getting our first close look at the new S4. We expect the reveal will include details about its features – and whether it has Eye Pause and Smart Scrolling or not.

We’ll be watching for the specs – screen size, resolution, power… and of course, any new tricks it can perform.

And… the most anticipated information for us here at Consumer Press – pricing, pre-ordering details, when the phone will actually be released, and what carriers the Galaxy S4 will be available on.

The S3 was revealed in early May of 2012, and was released near the end of June. If history is a guide here, that would put the release of the S4 around perhaps the end of April?

As for carriers – the S3 is currently available on AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and US Cellular. We’ll look for the same players to be involved this in this go-round.

We may not get carrier information during the actual reveal tonight. During the S3 launch, it was the individual carriers themselves who announced they would be carrying the smartphone.

There’s a good chance we will hear from at least a few of the carriers within minutes of the end of the S4 reveal event though. Pre-orders may begin very soon afterwards. Samsung sold 9 million Galaxy S3’s in its pre-ordering phase.

But at the moment, we are just in a holding pattern waiting for the event.

The Galaxy S4 reveal will be shown streaming live on uStream.

Live stream videos at Ustream

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