The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available in stores on April 11, but select stores and carriers are taking pre-orders NOW!  Some are also offering special pricing and incentives when you pre-order.

Best Buy and Radio Shack are both taking pre-orders starting today.

Joel from Best Buy told News for Shoppers that pre-orders are available for the S5 with AT&T and Sprint only at this time.

Best Buy is accepting orders in-store and online only.  They can not accept phone orders as of now.

Radio Shack is accepting pre-orders in-stores only.  They are offering customers $50 off when they pick up the phone.

Starting today you can pre-order a Galaxy S5 at any Sprint Store.  Sprint is offering the S5 for $200 with a two-year contract or $27 a month for 24 months with no money down.

T-Mobile will begin taking pre-orders March 24. Customers who pre-order before March 31 can get special pricing: $27.50 a month for twenty-four months, NO deposit required.

AT&T is also taking pre-orders now in-stores and online.  They have it in charcoal or white (the blue and gold models are not available yet) for $200 with a two-year contract.

It will cost you $25 a month on Next 18, or $32.50 a month on Next 12.

Consumer Press will continue to follow this story and update you when additional information is available.

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