Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs IPhone X – Which One Is Better?

Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs IPhone X – Which One Is Better?

The recently launched Galaxy S9 is a vital smartphone for Samsung as it needs to sustain the brand’s legacy of offering the best Android phones on the market. Competition is growing from companies like Huawei and others are gaining popularity while Samsung is losing it.

One of the ways in which Samsung needs to show Galaxy S9’s market dominance is to be better than Apple’s iPhone X. Here is exactly how the two compare in categories of high importance for shoppers.


Any top smartphone needs to take great pictures. S9 includes 2 cameras:


The resolution of both is 12 MP, with a vertical lens mount. Hardware wise, the two smartphones seem identical. However, a difference appears in low-light photography. This is where Samsung Galaxy S9 is better than the iPhone X since it will capture 12 photographs at the same time. Hardware then creates the end image with little noise and grain. IPhone X has similar technology but uses it of the high-dynamic range photographs for a better balance and richness in such images.

Design And Screen

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus includes a larger screen at 6.2 inches. S9 has a screen of 5.8 inches. Small and large phone variants weigh 163 and 189 grams. IPhone X is in the middle, weighing 174 grams. The big difference between the smartphones is at the top of the screen. IPhone X uses the notch atop design and Samsung has a completely uninterrupted rectangle. Apple has thinner bezels at the bottom and top.

As a shopper you would need to decide if you want slimmer bezels and the notch or larger bezels and zero notch.


Samsung’s US Galaxy S9 units will include the best current chip, Snapdragon 845. The proprietary Exynos CPU will be used in other countries. At the moment there is no full review done so it is hard to assess how Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to perform as compared to iPhone X. Apple is using the proprietary A11 Bionic Chip. On paper, it is less powerful by 0.4 GHz and has 2 less cores. Historically though, Apple managed to take full advantage of the phone hardware as Samsung did not manage to live up to what was present on paper.

All these technical stats basically mean that we can easily assume that both smartphones are going to be able to do all you want, with minor possible differences that most people will not notice.


Removable SD memory is only possible with the Samsung Galaxy S9. The iPhone does not offer expandable internal storage options. Samsung includes 64 GB of built in storage, with Micro SD cards allowing an expansion of up to 400 GB. The maximum for Apple’s iPhone X is 256 GB, with the rest having to be cloud based through Dropbox or iCloud.

Apple users can remain assured that security hardware is better due to its system that maps human face contours in order to identify individuals. No fingerprint checker is present with the iPhone X. S9 does have one on the back.

Verdict And Prices

iPhone X has a starting price tag of $999 in USA. S9 will be $720 on T-Mobile and the S9 Plus will be $930 through Verizon. Both smartphones are the most expensive ones launched and numerous similarities appear when we compare them on paper. iPhone X comes with a large raw industrial design upgrade from iPhone 8 while S9 does not have a physically noticeable upgrade as compared with Galaxy S8. The strong point is the improved photographic features, together with better performance.

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