milk-musicThey say everything has a price, and in the case of Samsung‘s “free”, no-ad Milk Music streaming radio service   it turns out they were right.

Last month Milk Music, which is powered by Slacker made its debut, promising “free” service, no ads and the ability to skip up to 6 songs an hour.

Now, just 5 short weeks later Samsung is singing a different tune: the current version of Milk will still be free, but it will now be running ads (which may cost you your sanity).

If you don’t want to deal with ads you can purchase a $3.99 monthly subscription of Milk that will be ad free.

The subscription service will also give consumers access to premium features, though Samsung has not disclosed yet what they will be.

Samsung may be taking a page out of Slacker’s service structure: they offer multi-priced subscription packages with different features and extras.

Milk is currently available to US customers only.  Representatives for Samsung could not tell us when this pricing will go into effect or what the added bonuses will be.

Consumer Press will keep you updated as information becomes available.

Do you use Milk Music?  What do you think about this new subscription service?  Share your ideas below.