“Santa Calls Me” Calls Kids And Adults On Christmas Eve & Day

’Tis the week before Christmas… and Santa is busy making phone calls!

The phone calls from Santa are ‘facilitated’ by Kevin Lowry, owner of the Santa phone call service Santa Calls Me.

Lowry told CP it’s the personalized nature of his Santa calls that make his service special.

“We take the information provided by the parents, grandparents or whomever makes the order, and weave it into the conversation. Using teachers and pets names gives Santa an authenticity that might otherwise be lacking,” said Lowry.

The details are provided as part of the ordering process, just to make sure Santa has the most up-to-date information before the call.

We wondered… what is an average call like, and what does Santa talk to kids about?

“An average call starts with Santa ringing up with what comes up as a blocked number (the FCC does not allow anyone to change their caller ID). Usually the phone is answered by the parents who sound as surprised and excited to find Santa calling the kids. Santa will ask to speak with the children by name. (this is a great time to make sure that Santa is pronouncing the names correctly, especially if it is a unique name or pronunciation)  Then Santa takes the time to share why he is calling and speaks to each individual child on the call for six to ten minutes. Many times there are older siblings that Santa is more than happy to talk to and if they want to stay on the nice list they get into the call as well.”

“Santa really likes to focus on the positive aspects of the year for each child. That being said, he will bring up one or two things the child could improve on for next year, but Santa makes sure each child is left feeling special and not that they were being reprimanded. Santa will also share secrets about the North Pole, his reindeer and his elves.  Santa will end the call to take care of some business at the North Pole (there is a lot to do, you know). And with a ‘Ho, Ho, Ho!’ and a ‘Merry Christmas’ a magical Christmas memory has been made.”

Calls from Santa cost $19.99 for calls up through December 22. Calls on December 23 and Christmas Eve are $29.99. On Christmas Day, $32.99. After-Christmas calls are also available through December 31, at $26.99.

Santa can spend time with up to four children per call. The cost for each child after the first is $4.99. According to Lowry, each child will be given the same personalized time and care as the child before.

Calls from Santa normally last 5 to 7 minutes. A number of add on services are also available, such as an email, or a recording of the call on CD.

Santa makes calls to adults as well. One of Santa’s favorite calls, according to Lowry, was to a 58 year old man named Gary.

Gary had recently suffered a stroke, Gary’s wife used the Santa call to congratulate him on all his hard work to regain the motor function on the left side of his body. Gary loved talking with Santa and was in a jolly mood after the call.”

Lowry told us that this year Santa was interviewed by 6 year old podcaster Chloe on Chloe’s Friendship Circle. If you want to hear what a phone call with Santa sounds like, the interview starts at the 2:32 mark.

Have you had Santa call your kids?

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