Ferrum Professional StylerBlowouts at salons may be a thing of the past with Ferrum’s Professional Styler hitting the market this month.

A multi-functional hair tool, Ferrum created this patent pending product with ceramic plates using TriNano Technology as well as an absorbent fabric pad both which aid in protecting the hair from heat damage and locks in moisture.

While a traditional flat iron has flat heated paddles, the Ferrum Professional Styler has rounded barrels which creates more volume and mimics the look of a salon blowout.

There is little fear of scorching hair as Ferrum’s tourmaline coated ceramic plates are created with TriNano Technology which contain three powerful oxides combined with an absorbent fabric pad.

The Ferrum Professional Styler heats up in a speedy thirty seconds and has a universal voltage making salon-style hair affordable and manageable.

With the average cost of a weekly salon blowout ranging anywhere from $40-$60 to even higher.  The Ferrum Professional Styler comes in at $189, which saves money and time at the salon in the long run.