Scandal Season 5 Spoilers: Will Olivia & Fitz Finally Get Their Happily Ever After?

We are just weeks away from the season 5 of ‘Scandal’ and the big question on everyone’s mind is: will it be happily ever after for Olivia & Fitz?

Although we don’t know for sure (c’mon, Shonda would never tell us that!), based on the spoilers we’ve uncovered it looks like they will be quite happy… at least for a while.

So what else can you expect from season 5?

Here’s what to look for (*SPOILERS AHEAD*):

·There Will Be No Time Jump:

The action will pick up right where season 4 ended, so fans will be plunged right back into all the…scandal.

· Quinn & Huck Will Have A lot To Deal With:

When season 5 ended Huck was begging Quinn to kill him after she learned he killed the grand jurors.

While it looks like she will spare his life, it still leaves a lot to deal with.

Katie Lowes, who plays Quinn, told reporters that: ” [Quinn’s] in a really huge pickle. It’s really a conflicting emotion of do you kill your best friend/mentor/sexual lover/all the different various relationships we’ve been to each other [and] the man you lick every once in a while for kicks?”.

She also compared her character to Liv, noting that: “What I find so exciting about Quinn .. is she’s really holding down OPA. Everyone is dealing with their drama and she’s the one making sure the doors stay open. She’s hacking, she’s threatening people with guns and her bare hands and she’s trying to get Charlie to stop wanting to have sex… I think that she’s a workaholic, I think she’s an Olivia Pope chick…”

·The Gladiators Will Be Front & Center:
The show will go back to its season 1 roots and put the gladiators front & center this season.
Expect a lot of back & forth banter and a lot of tension considering all the inner drama that took place last season.
There will also be a new dynamic since…
· There’s A New Gladiator in Town:

It has been confirmed that there will be a new gladiator joining Olivia’s team… but it will be someone we already know!!!

According to TV Line it will be someone Liv has had contact with before, think guest star, not one of the show’s regulars.

No word on who the new/old gladiator will be, but based on that info we have some ideas since….

· Portia De Rossi & Cornelius Smith Jr. Have Been promoted to Series Regulars:

Could one of them be the new gladiator?  Seems likely, but it could also be…

· Mia Maestro Has joined The Cast:

Maestro has joined season 5 as a recurring character, so she could be the new gladiator, but I’m leaning towards DeRossi or Smith Jr.

· Mellie Will Be in A Dark Place:

In a recent interview Bellamy Young, who plays Mellie, had this to say about her character: “Poor Mellie, man…,It should be the best time in the world — she got her senate seat! — but it’s like the worst, because Fitz kicked her out. And he was so cold when he did it. She knows in her heart that Fitz has Olivia on speed dial as the door is shutting behind her.”

She also said to expect to see her character in a lot of pain as the season starts.

What do you want to see for season 5 of ‘Scandal’?

Tell us below and be sure to follow all my latest TV and streaming reports on Twitter.

Season 5 of ‘Scandal’ premieres on Thursday, September 24th at 9 P.M. (EST) on ABC.

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