Science Fiction: “The Prometheus Saga” Is A Reflection On Us

The Prometheus Saga, a science fiction anthology from the Alvarium Experiment, takes a look at humanity through the eyes of an alien probe.

Designed to appear human, but with greater abilities, Prometheus has watched humanity since the dawn of time.

The Prometheus Saga follows the probe’s journey through human history.

It witnesses the horrors of war at Marathon in 490 BC, the atrocities of Nazi Germany during World War II, the assassination of a US president, and how human compassion saves the vanished Roanoke colony.

Prometheus experiences the best, and the worst, that humans have to offer.

The Prometheus Saga is thirteen stories in all. Authors include Elle Andrews Patt, Daco Auffenorde, Bria Burton, MJ Carlson, Bard Constantine, Charles A Cornell, Doug Dandridge, Parker Francis, Kay Kendall, Jade Kerrion, Ken Pelham, and Antonio Simon Jr.

The stories are arranged chronologically, but can be read in any order. And while each tale is self-contained, Prometheus’s overarching story takes shape as readers follow his mission.

Describing the collection, Charles Cornell, author and co-author of several of the stories, said “It’s subtle at first, but overall we wanted to challenge the reader by asking, ‘who is more human: humankind, or some manufactured lifeform from beyond the solar system?'”

The Prometheus Saga is now available in paperback through Amazon.

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