Sean Kingston Injured In Jet Ski Crash – Hits Bridge

Singer Sean Kingston and a female companion were injured Sunday evening in a jet ski crash in Miami, Florida.

According to publicist Joe Carozza on Monday, Kingston has been stabilized and moved from trauma to intensive care at the hospital.

The jet ski crashed into a small bridge on Sunday evening at about 6pm. A boat passing by witnessed the accident and took both Kingston and his companion on board to seek help. They were immediately taken to the trauma center at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

Authorities have been investigating the accident and have stated that there is no reason at this point to suspect that alcohol played a role in the accident.

Kingston is a singer who once claimed to be his own genre. He feels his music is unique and does not quite fit into one simple label. He has also become known for his refusal to add profanity to his music saying that is not the message he wants to send out.

Kingston rose to the top of the charts in 2007 when his debut single Beautiful Girls hit number one. His album sold over one million copies. In addition he has been featured on the songs of other artists. One notable collaboration was on the hit single ‘Eenie Meenie’ by Justin Bieber.

Bieber issued a Tweet on Monday asking fans to keep Kingston in their prayers and referring to him as a ‘true friend and big bro’.

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