Authorities spent Thursday combing through 60 acres of wood and mulch in the search for a missing N.C. girl that is now presumed dead. The exhaustive search of the land that the father, Adam Baker, works on offered no results.

There were 70 searchers with search dogs and a back hoe that helped go through the land. Baker often brings piles of wood and brush to a wood chipper to be turned into mulch. Investigators spent the day going through the land and the wood and mulch piles in an attempt to find some evidence of the girls whereabouts.

Zahra Clare Baker was reported missing Saturday afternoon in what was originally believed to be an abduction.  Several days later, the stepmother, Elisa Baker, confessed to writing a phony ransom note. The investigation was changed from an abduction to a homicide.

Elisa Baker was arrested on bad check charges. While in jail she confessed to the ransom note and was charged with obstruction of justice in the investigation. Her total bail is set at $70,000, which her lawyer has called excessive.

Adam Baker also faces bad check charges, but he has not been arrested due to his cooperation with the police.

It is unclear how long the girl has been missing. In the beginning no one had reported seeing Zahra for at least a month. However a new witness has come forward that has seen the girl in mid to late September.

Zahra suffered from bone cancer and used a prosthetic leg as well as hearing aids. The hearing aids were found, but there has been no sign of the prosthesis.