Sears customers can now make returns and exchanges without having to leave the comfort of their cars.

The retailer announced the new addition to its In-Vehicle Pickup service that already lets customers pickup orders from their cars.

Powered by Sears’ Shop Your Way mobile app, the program allows shoppers to pickup, return, or exchange items from the curb at a Sears store.

Wait times are guaranteed to be five minutes or less.

To make a curbside return, shoppers can visit, click on Customer Service, select Returns & Exchanges, and then follow a series of prompts to choose the return item.

The process is the same for exchanges, except customers pick the new item and Sears will email a confirmation when the item is ready for pickup.

The next step is to park in a Vehicle Pickup spot, designated outside the selected Sears store, and notify the store through the Shop’In feature in the app.

A timer on the app keeps track of the five-minute response time while the customer waits for an associate to come out and process the transaction.

Customers who use the Shop’In feature on the Sears Shop Your Way mobile app are also eligible for special offers, coupons, and deals, according to the company.

More about Sears return policy can be found at

A video detailing In-Vehicle Returns and Exchanges at Sears can be found on the company’s YouTube Channel at