Seattle Seahawks coach, Pete Carroll and his quarterback, Charlie Whitehurst, led the Seattle Seahawks to a 16 and 6 victory over the St. Louis Rams during the Sunday night game.

The St. Louis Rams coach, Steve Spagnola and his quarterback, Sam Bradford, watched the score get away from them.

After a lackluster game on the part of both teams, the end of the third quarter ended with a bizarre time-out from Pete Carroll with only seconds left on the clock.  With everything else going their way, including a surprising spot by the officials, an encroachment call and an interception, the Seahawks, led by consistent throwing by Whitehurst went on to score again. The Rams never scored after the end of the third quarter.

Charlie Whitehurst, who had not been expected to  return next year, played a great game for Carroll and has brought his team from having a losing record of 7 to 10 to make it to the playoffs.

Reporter Charles Collingsworth reported that it was the first time he had seen a team that had such little hope make it back to playoff form.