Selling Your iPhone 4S? Amazon Offering Up To $500!

Selling Your iPhone 4S? Amazon Offering Up To $500!

iPhone-4SRumors suggest the next generation iPhone will be arriving soon!

So there’s a good chance that some bleeding-edge shoppers are thinking ahead… wondering how to get rid of their current iPhone 4S, so they can go buy a brand-spanking new iPhone 5.

But shoppers aren’t the only ones licking their lips – a number of companies, including eBay, Amazon, and even Apple, are apparently eager to get their hands back on all those iPhone 4S’s. They are offering former shoppers cash… or at least some pretty serious store credit… to get them.

Amazon appears to be one of the most eager. The online super-store is offering up to $500 on an Amazon gift card in exchange for a top of the line,, 64gb, iPhone 4S in ‘like new’ condition. That means it has to include all the extras – battery, charger, cables, memory card, quick-start guide, and user manual – and it has to be in perfect condition. So unused looking that it could be given as a gift.

In ‘good’ condition, Amazon offers a $425 gift card, and in ‘acceptable’ condition, $240.

Models that aren’t quite so top of the line can be traded in too. Amazon offers, for example, just over $400 (depending on carrier) for a 16gb iPhone 4S in ‘like new’ condition, and around $350 for one in ‘good’ condition.

Over at eBay, the prices aren’t quite as high – but they pay in cash money, via PayPal. Their offer is currently $400 for a 64gb iPhone 4S in good working order. For 16gb versions, prices range up to $300.

And Apple, who just launched their iPhone 4S buyback…..errr… recycling… program, yesterday, is offering up to $345 in Apple store credit for a 64gb iPhone 4S, based on condition. For a 16gb version they offer up to $285 in store credit.

Of course, all the above companies say their offerings are based on estimates and self reporting. The actual offer is not official until they receive and evaluate the smartphone, and offers are subject to change at a moments notice.

We want to hear from you. Are you looking to sell your iPhone? Will you try one of these options or sell it through other means? Leave your comments below!

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