Large steel shipping containers are used for transporting all sorts of things locally and overseas. Eventually, though, these containers retire, and most are still in relatively good condition. So, what becomes of these boxy steel containers when they retire?

Well, some of them find new homes in a variety of fashions. Some become artwork while others are renovated for restaurants, houses, and data centers. The lasted idea in shipping container refurbishing is movable mini movie theaters.

USA Network employed 8 retired shipping containers as part of USA Network’s Character Project. Each of the containers has been painted in bright colors, and the inside has been refurbished into an 18-seat, air conditioned mini-theater.

The Character Project is a partnership between USA Network and directors Ridley and Toney Scott. The Character Project is a series of short films that focus on interesting characters and personalities, both real and fictitious.

USA Network opened the Character Project, and the mini theaters, opened in New York on Friday. The pods will eventually find their way to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. The short films will also be available on the USA Network website as well as on iTunes and other media outlets.

More information on the Character Project can be found on the USA Network website at