In a new video game invented by student Jens Stober, 24, players are allowed to shoot either the guard or the escapee fleeing from East Germany into West. The video game also allows a gamer the option to imprison the one fleeing or join him in his flight.

The game, according to Strober,  is intended to show that actions can lead to unexpected results and have consequences for the player so he is not actually allowed to sit and knock of the Kalishnikov armed guards as detractors are making it appear.

Because the video game allows players to imprison or join those fleeing, some feel they are being compassionate. However, they are awarded points by the Communist regime at the beginning of the game if they kill the escapee, making the gamer feel he is winning.

The well remembered hammers and compasses are tools which appear on the side of the screen. As the game progresses, these begin to break up. Suddenly, the gamer kills guards, he finds himself the target of a court and can find himself facing charges. If convicted, he loses rounds. This, according to Strober, is to show the consequences.  In a response to the game, the Beld newspaper called the game “revolting”.

During the free download period of the game known as 1378Km, for the length of the Berlin Wall, the system crashed from the overload.