Troops training at Fort Bliss

A shooting at a convenience store on Fort Bliss Army base in Texas has left two women wounded and one man dead, as FBI officials head to the scene to investigate.

Base spokesman Dieter Jester says that the man shot both of the females before law enforcement authorities were able to shoot and kill him. Police were minutes away from the base shopping area and were able to respond quickly to the shooting.

There is no clear motive at this time, and sources are unsure if any of the three are military.

Fort Bliss is located near the city of El Paso, Texas, and is not far from the Mexican border. The 1700 square mile base includes land in both Texas and New Mexico. A large portion of the army base is located in New Mexico, while the main headquarters is located in Texas.

Fort Bliss welcomed President Barack Obama last month as he visited to celebrate the end of the combat mission in Iraq. It is the army’s 2nd largest installation.