If you’re like me, the idea of there being some magical shopping day probably has you laughing out loud.

Well, stop laughing and prepare to start saving because it turns out its true.

Okay, so there’s not one magical day- there are actually a few and we’ve got them all for you.

Yes, our friend Kyle from Rather-Be-Shopping did extensive research and discovered there absolute best days to shop for specific items in December and save you extra money.

And now I’m going to spread some holiday cheer and share those findings with you.

So read on to find out what to shop for and when this holiday season!

Toys- December 16th

Just about everyone has a toy or 2 on their Christmas list; if you do too, mark Saturday, December 16th on your calendar as the day to shop. According to Kyle, this is the time when retailers are looking to unload their Christmas inventory, so they are willing to offer some enticing deals and lure in last-minute shoppers.

As Friday, December 15th is Free Shipping Day, expect most deals to be in-store only! And, if you want a really hot-ticket item, like Fingerlings, don’t wait- buy them when you see them or you may miss out all together.

Smart/HDTV’s- December 8-10th

This is another hot item for the Christmas season and according to research, 2 weeks before Christmas is when prices are the lowest from major retailers. Oh, and we’re talking about brand names, not generic or less expensive brands.

Computers- December 13th

Computers see the lowest price of the season on this date from many online stores; Kyle noticed that for 3 years running, Dell and HP have both offered deals of $500 off an Inspiron laptop and budget-friendly, dependable models for around $250.

Gaming Systems/Games- December 12-15th

If you want a PS 4 or Xbox and think Black Friday was the best day to grab one think again. For over 8 years stores such as GameStop, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and others have been offering some sweet deals on systems and bundles.

Also, look for deep discounts on games, with new game prices being slashed by about 35% and older games discounted as much as 60% off.

Kitchen Goods- December 15th

Free Shipping Day is your best bet for kitchen appliances, gadgets, dishes and more, as many retailers are not only slashing prices, but guaranteeing Christmas Eve delivery and doing it all for free!

Winter Apparel- December 15th

Once again, December 15th, Free Shipping Day, is the day to shop for clothing, as many retailers have already signed up to ship for free and are offering deep discounts.

Well, what do you think of all these great deals? Shop and tell us if you saved and be sure to  follow all my latest consumer news reports on Twitter!