Shoplifting On Rise, Study Lists The Top Grabs

With a slow economy, high unemployment, and the pressure and intensity of the holiday shopping season upon us, it’s really not that surprising that shoplifting is becoming more common. Just how common it has become, though, is startling.

Next time you’re in a store – look around and realize that, on average, 1 out of 11 of the people you’re looking at is shoplifting, according to a new report published in Adweek. The number of people shoplifting is up 6% from last year. $119 billion worth of goods is expected to be shoplifted this year.

And what are people shoplifting? As we get into the holiday season you might think toys, electronics, books… and you are partially correct. But the top shoplifting pick might surprise you.

According to the security pros that Adweek surveyed, filet mignon and other choice cuts of meat are the top targeted item amongst shoplifters. One must wonder how a person smuggles out a cold hunk of meat? Liquor is number two on the list. Followed by electric tools, and then electronics. After that comes those ridiculously expensive razors (which we all hate to buy), soaps and deodorants (the report says these are often sold in flea markets), apparel, toys, perfumes, and shoes.

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