Shoppers Are Spending More Online With Tablets Than PCs, Smartphones

An interesting study crossed the wires today. Adobe Systems Inc. set out to discover how shoppers react differently on retail websites depending on what type of device they are using.

What they discovered is that shoppers that used tablets to visit retail websites spent 21% more per purchase than users who visit the same sites using a laptop or desktop computer.

When compared to smartphones, shoppers spent 54% more when using a tablet.

In their study, Adobe analyzed just over 16 billion anonymous visits at the sites of over 150 of the top US online retailers. The stats show that shoppers using tablets spent more than shoppers using smartphones or laptop or desktop computers during 2011. It didn’t matter whether it was the holiday season or just a regular part of the year, the findings with the same.

The study also found that visitors on tablets or laptop/desktop computers are almost three times more likely to buy items or services online then smartphone visitors.

So just why would shoppers using tablets spend more? Adobe has some ideas about that as well. In an analysis of their study, they say it may be the demographics of tablet visitors… they tend to be males between the ages of 18 to 34, and are generally “more affluent than other online shoppers.” It may also be related to the “flexibility of the overall tablet user experience.”

Adobe said their study suggests that shoppers using tablets were the most valuable customers to online retailers during 2011, and retailers should keep this in mind for 2012. Primarily by making sure their sites are optimized for tablet users.

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